Community Programs

We connect organisations & employees to their local communities.

Australian corporates are constantly being judged not just on products and services alone, but their social behaviour and ability to differentiate.

By integrating community programs into your business strategies as a core value, your organisation will not only make a significant contribution to society but will be recognised for doing so.

Research shows corporate philanthropy is thriving, and good corporate philanthropy can:

  • Raise your reputation

  • Drive employee recruitment & retention

  • Enhance customer engagement

It's a business strategy that works.


So ask yourself:

  • Are you active in your local community?

  • How are you engaging with them?

  • What sort of impact are your programs having?

  • Are you clear on what is being achieved, and why?

  • Do they align to your current business objectives?

  • Would a charity partner be right for you?

  • Have you asked your employees what community is to them?

  • Do you support what your employees are already doing?

  • Are you telling the right people the good you are doing?


If you had to take a minute to think about an answer, ask us how you can deliver impactful community programs that work.

Because doing good is good for business.

Enhance your community program strategy:

  • Strategic audits

  • Grants

  • Workplace giving

  • Partnerships

  • Sponsorships

  • Ambassadors

  • Graduate projects

  • Team building days

  • Volunteering

  • Mentoring

  • Fundraising

* the top reason for business giving, Giving Australia 2016.

It's a good thing to do irrespective of business returns*.