Community Disaster Support

We facilitate corporates to develop a 
Community Disaster Support Plan.

The too often missing link between a business continuity plan (BCP) and a corporate social responsibility (CSR) program is how corporates support communities in the before, during and after stages of a natural or man-made disaster.

Most corporate responses to community disasters are ad-hoc, unplanned and don't always result in the impacted community benefiting from your goodwill cash, product or service donation.

Community Disaster Support Plan (CDSP) tailored to your organisation is the answer to ensuring a formalised program, relevant to your corporate goals and capabilities, is ready for implementation.


A CDSP is:

  • Tailored specifically to your organisation

  • Developed by your business unit leads

  • Owned and implemented by your grass roots employees

  • A formal program that supports the before and/or during and/or after stages of a disaster

A CDSP will ensure your key stakeholders, and the communities in which you operate in, know how and when your organisation will be there to support those in need.

Benefits to your organisation include:

  • Organic reputation growth

  • New customer avenues

  • Improved employee morale

  • Be different to your competitors


Ask us which Community Disaster Support Plan category is best suited to your corporate needs.

Because doing good is good for business.

Support disaster incidents including:

  • Bushfires

  • Drought

  • Floods

  • Cyclones

  • Earthquakes

  • Heatwaves

  • Sinkholes

  • Disease epidemics

  • Plagues

  • Water contamination

  • Hazardous materials

  • Infrastructure collapse

  • Aviation accident

  • Telco outage

  • Transport incident

  • Riots

  • Terrorism

Be there for the community in which you operate - before, during & after.